Easy Crypto has a tiered verification system. Verification processes ensure we comply with the law, keep our customers safe, and make the world a better place. Read more about the whys here.

To verify your account, follow the link on your Account page.

Our verification tiers, their requirements and limits are as follows:

Tier Verification process and requirements Limits POLi payment Manual payment (ie bank transfer)
 0  Simply create an account using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github or your email address.

You will need to verify your email address before you place your order.

$500 total across all orders

2 order maximum

Purchase processed immediately, 24 hour hold on delivery  Not available
 1 Follow the steps on the “My Account” page to verify.

You will be asked for:

  • A photo of your ID (NZ Driver’s licence or NZ Passport)
  • Your address details
  • A selfie

If you cannot complete the verification process through our system, contact us for manual verification.

$10,000 per day

$20,000 total across all orders

Purchase processed immediately, delivered when completed Purchase processed when deposit received,* delivered when completed
 2  You must first complete Tier 1 verification. Additional information we require for Tier 2 includes:

  • Evidence of your source of funds
  • Explanation of the purpose of your transactions (e.g. trading, investing)
  • Expected transaction frequency and values

Contact us for Tier 2 verification.

$10,000 per day  Purchase processed immediately, delivered when completed  Purchase processed when deposit received,* delivered when completed

*Manual payments will not be processed by our system until they have appeared in our bank account. During business hours this is typically within 2 hours, over nights and weekends it may  take longer.