60% off ReadyCrypto’s course on crypto and blockchain!

The season of gifts has rolled around again, and Easy Crypto is not the only one giving.  ReadyCrypto is a New Zealand based educational organization, whose aim is to offer credible and factual information on crypto and blockchain. They also happen to have one of NZ’s finest cryptocurrency and blockchain courses.

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Who is ReadyCrypto?

It can be very confusing when people first enter the cryptocurrency market to understand blockchain technology. Ready Crypto, a New Zealand-based blockchain and crypto educator, aim to help people feel more confident in understanding this new tech.

Henry Chueh, Ready Crypto founder, says that “People who take Ready Crypto courses can be assured that the information they learn is comprehensive and can be applied with confidence.”

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What is the ReadyCrypto course?

The online course provided by ReadyCrypto aims to bring clarity and peace of mind to people entering this market.

Ready Crypto’s online Introductory Course to Crypto and Blockchain will give your loved ones (or yourself!) a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts behind blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and for a limited time, ReadyCrypto is providing Easy Crypto users with a 60% discount!

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What should you know about to properly understand blockchain and cryptocurrency?

It can be very daunting and confusing for people to enter into the cryptocurrency market and understand blockchain technology. Whilst there is more than enough information on the internet, there are plenty of situations where clarity will bring peace of mind to people entering this market. Examples (not limited to) include:

  • Understanding blockchain fundamentals

  • Knowing which exchanges/avenues to purchase cryptocurrencies

  • Knowing public key vs private key and what can be shared or not

  • Why Bitcoin takes so long to travel between digital wallets and exchanges

  • Supplying personal data to exchanges

  • The NZ environment with blockchain and cryptocurrencies

  • Other terminologies and jargons

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What topics are involved in the ReadyCrypto course?

At Ready Crypto, they believe that having a humanistic interaction will provide security and peace of mind. People who take Ready Crypto courses can be assured that whatever information they have learnt is correct and can be applied with confidence. The following topics will be covered in your course:

  • Understanding consensus models
  • Understanding the use cases of blockchain
  • Introduction to Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Finding the right cryptocurrency avenues to purchase with fiat
  • Identifying which wallets can be used
  • Understand what ICOs are and what to look out for
  • Having the tools to understand the market and the NZ environment

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