How to create a secure IOTA seed on Windows

If you’re using our Easy Crypto Wallet, we handle this all for you. But if you to create your own IOTA wallet, you’ll need to make a ‘seed’. The easiest way to create an IOTA seed on Windows is using KeePass.

Step 1: Download a copy of KeePass from their official site –

Step 2: Once you’ve installed it and got it running, click Tools > Generate password.

Step 3: Set it up exactly like this screenshot, including the “Collect additional entropy” checkbox at the bottom.

keepass screenshot for IOTA seed

Step 4: Click OK, and you’ll be presented with a series of highly secure IOTA seeds to choose from.

If you want to store more of your private keys in your KeePass and create your own “cold storage vault”, see our guide on How to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.