Ethereum Price Predictions – Separating Ethereum Killer Facts from Fiction

Ethereum currently enjoys the second highest marketcap position after Bitcoin. Just like with Bitcoin, several short and long-term Ethereum price predictions are, therefore, regularly syndicated by top cryptocurrency news platforms.

Some Ethereum price predictions for 2020, put coin prices at over $2,000. One algorithmic analysis of Ethereum’s price history, even suggests that an ETH price of $3844 by 2023 is possible. However, others argue that the Ethereum price could just as quickly default to zero.

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Never Base Investment Decisions on Ethereum Price Speculation

Most investors know how important it is to take cryptocurrency price predictions with a pinch of salt. However, this is especially true with Ethereum.

In 2015, Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin single-handedly gave the world smart contracts, decentralized apps, and decentralized autonomous organizations. Doing so represented the most significant innovation in the cryptocurrency space since the creation of Bitcoin. More recently, though, several cryptocurrency startups have appeared, which attempt to compete directly against Ethereum.

  • In 2018, EOS was promoted as an ‘Ethereum Killer,’ thanks to developer claims that EOS is faster and more scalable than Ethereum
  • Projects like Cardano are often promoted as ‘Ethereum Killers’ thanks to similar technological advancements
  • Recently Binance Launchpad was touted as being ready to usurp the dominance of Ethereum on the ICO market

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In every case, referring to new projects as (potential) ‘Ethereum Killers’ results in negative Ethereum price speculation. As a result, ETH prices dip slightly. To date, though, no new platform has succeeded in usurping the dominance of Ethereum.

  • Cardano is still in active development with no definite release date in sight
  • After the launch of EOS in 2018, several security problems became apparent, forcing developers to temporarily suspend transactions

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Why Every Ethereum Price Prediction is Wrong

It is a certainty that new cryptocurrencies will eventually prove to be technologically superior to coins like Ethereum. The same is true for Bitcoin. However, when this happens, it is unlikely that coins will become overnight Bitcoin and Ethereum replacements.

Before a new cryptocurrency can usurp the dominance of Ethereum, it needs to build trust among users. This means that projects need to follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and spend several years proving their viability. Every Ethereum price prediction to date has, therefore, been wrong for several reasons.

  • Negative Ethereum price speculation rarely accounts for the fact that even the capable ‘Ethereum Killers’ will have to spend several years post-launch gaining ground on Ethereum
  • Positive Ethereum price speculation rarely accounts for the fact that new cryptocurrency projects might one day prove technologically superior to Ethereum

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Is Ethereum Still Worthy of Investment in 2019?

Because the Ethereum price still follows the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum is still worthy of investment in 2019. Some even argue that Ethereum represents a smarter investment choice than Bitcoin for low market entry point investors. All that new investors need to remember, is to take most Ethereum price predictions (good and bad) with a heavy dose of scepticism.

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