How does Bitcoin Work

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A Bitcoin, in essence, is a fragment of data that exists in an ever-growing digital record keeping system called a ‘blockchain‘. Each person who owns a ‘wallet’ is in charge of their own little slice of this record keeping system.

Understanding the basics of blockchain technology will be of great help you if you don’t already know the basics – good thing we made a super simple overview article on it! 😉

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Bitcoin’s blockchain is stored as data between hundreds of thousands of different computers around the world, resulting in a decentralised payment network away from the control of any one authority.

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When Bitcoin is sent from A to B, the blockchain is simply transferring ownership of the data that represents a Bitcoin from owner A to owner B.

Bitcoin’s are best represented as entries into a blockchain that’s access permission can be transferred to others.

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Since there is no central authority at the heart of Bitcoin, there needs to be a way where the network can authenticate and add new payment entries into the system in an organised and efficient manner – without the need for one network leader.

This is the role of a Bitcoin Miner, and you can find a simple rundown by clicking here.

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The possibilities of decentralised digital payment systems are profound, and the only thing you need to partake in this new economy is your own cryptocurrency wallet.

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