How to Start with Cryptocurrency

So you are now facing the biggest milestone in your life; The day you have decided to get involved in cryptocurrency. (congratulations by the way! 🎉)There is no going back from here, so let’s make sure you do it right!

Your first plan of action would be to school yourself up on the basics of blockchain; the technology that powers crypto in the first place. You can read our basic rundown by clicking here.

Now that your school up on blockchain tech, let’s go over the following steps together to make sure you are 100% set from this day forward.

1. How to set up a wallet.
2. How to back it up safely.
3. How to micro-track your profits/losses.
4. How to blow your mates’ mind.

Your first plan of action is to get yourself a wallet, which is what you would call your ‘crypto bank account’.

half leather half digital wallet with bitcoin logos and mango background

1. How to Generate a Cryptocurrency Wallet

There are plenty of types of wallets, ranging from safe to bulletproof, and you can learn more about these here, but for today (I remember your smile), I will show you what works best for us.

-If you have already created an Easy Crypto Wallet with us would like to know the safest way to back it up, click here.

-if you already have an Easy Crypto Wallet and want to easily move your funds from it to your new exodus wallet, click here.

Download Exodus. Exodus is one of the most popular wallets on the market, not just because it’s multicurrency, but also because of its easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and well known to be impenetrable if treated correctly. You will need a PC for Exodus, and it’s compatible Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Click this link to head to the Exodus website: (It’s Free!)

Exodus wallet home page screenshot

2. How to Back Up your Wallet Safely

Now that you have downloaded and launched Exodus, You will want to send some crypto to it. Either buy it from us, or get it from a mate, but you are required to have funds in your wallet before you back it up. This can be one dollar or one million.

Once your wallet has received some funds, a red exclamation mark will start flashing over ‘Backup’, so click it and follow the instructions provided, as seen below. Your Backup will consist of:

-You will be able to set yourself a password

-A link will be sent to your email so you can load the wallet up on any computer, anywhere.

-You will receive a phrase of 12 random words. Make sure to Write these down in order and store them safely, and not on your PC.

Exodus backup create password screenshot

3. How to Track your Crypto

As shown in the image under step 1, Exodus tracks your profits, and a whole lot of other information for you too.

Unless you’re a Cyborg,  you won’t have access to your computer all the time, so if you are wanting to track your profits on the go your gonna need something else.

For a start, if you are wanting to track market trends, pricing and rankings, you will want to bookmark CoinMarketCap.
coinmarketcap cryptocurrency prices screenshot

Once Bookmarked, Go to the app store on your smartphone and download their app. This is where you can watch market trends, but also create an account, enter in the date of your coin purchases, and track your profits and losses down the cent, across an array of virtual currencies. There is not a single coin not listed on Coinmarketcap that isn’t trackable on their app.
coin market cap trading app screenshot

4. Blow Your Mates Mind

Now that you’re decked out with crypto gadgets, Its time to hook your mates up with some of their own, or else how are you going to use it as a medium of exchange in your circles?

a) Decide if you want to send it from your computer, or from a wallet on your phone. A phone wallet should be seen as cash, so don’t carry around too much at once. Once you have downloaded a wallet for your phone, send a small amount of crypto to it, so that you can carry some around for the next step. I like to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as its almost instant, however, there are many other instant currencies as well.

b) Now that you have some crypto in your phone wallet, get your mate to download a phone wallet too.

c) When your mate launches the app, a brand new crypto wallet will be created automatically for him. Once the wallet is generated, get them to click receive, and a QR code will appear on their screen. Now on your own phone, click the little QR code button, and scan your mate’s phone.

d) You will be asked how much you want to send, and you can send them whatever you want, but I usually stick to about a dollar. Once you have inputted the amount, click send, and now sit and wait – Make sure your mate has his volume up too for ultimate satisfaction 😉

e) Congratulations, you have now learned how to use your crypto, and you’ve also brought your mate into the future of payments with you!

There may be a chance that your mate is going to want to buy some for himself, so you can provide them with an affiliate link from us so that you make a 10% cut of everything we make from him/her for the rest of their life with Easy Crypto! 😁

You can find this by going to My Account > Details > Affiliate Link.

Welcome to the future!