How to verify your account with Easy Crypto

1. Go to our website.

.easy crypto home page screenshot

2. Click ‘sign in’ to create an account.

easy crypto create an account screenshot

3. Verify your account. You can do this by clicking here, or going into your account settings and clicking verify, or you can try to place an order- they all will lead to the verification page.

Verification Easy Crypto your details screenshot

4. This next page allows you to choose whether you want to use your driver’s license or passport, If you don’t have these, there are alternative ways to verify.

Driver License Easy Crypto verify screenshot`

5. Identify your source of funds. This is an important protocol we must take to be compliant with New Zealand law.

easy crypto verification screenshot source of funds and intentions

6. Either continue through Origin ID (our automated ID service, this will take 2 minutes to get verified so you can jump straight into trading) or choose to have your Identification authenticated manually.

Origin ID option easy crypto screenshot

7. Your all done!! Your submission will be instantly accepted via Origin ID, and with the manual option, it will typically be accepted within an hour.

easy crypto verification submitted screenshot

Now with your verification completed, you are now all ready to start buying and selling any of our diverse range of cryptos, 60+ to be exact! If you need any more help from here on out, feel free to use our in-site live chat box or email us directly at [email protected]

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