Investing in Bitcoin in NZ – Is Bitcoin Worth Investing In?

Investing in Bitcoin in NZ and elsewhere is becoming more popular. Here, we’ll look at why this is. We’ll also look at the best ways anyone can get started.

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Is Bitcoin Worth Investing In?

A long-term investment is any investments in an asset class lasting between 3 and 10-years. When invested in an asset class for this time, successful ventures pass on average returns to investors of between 10% and 100%.

By comparison, a single Bitcoin in 2009 cost just $1. Today, the Bitcoin price rests at several thousand dollars. Bitcoin investing (to date) has, therefore, proved more profitable than investing in almost any other asset class. To demonstrate this, one need only look to New Zealand based Bitcoin savings platform, Vimba.

• Between 2014 and 2018, 5,000 Kiwis invested $2,841,345 New Zealand dollars in Bitcoin via Vimba
• As of 2019, Kiwi Vimba Bitcoin savings are worth over $7,724,174 New Zealand dollars

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Of course, critics of Bitcoin say that the Bitcoin price could flatline at any moment. This is true. However, the technology which makes Bitcoin possible has proved to be resistant to hacking and censorship for over 10-years. Bitcoin is also designed to increase in value the longer it is in circulation.

How Bitcoin Works

Every 4-years, the number of new Bitcoin entering circulation is reduced by 50%. Because Bitcoin has a total fixed supply of 21 million coins, this increases coin scarcity. Historically, this has helped push Bitcoin prices higher, in tandem with increased rates of retail market adoption.

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Bitcoin Investing Strategies

The easiest way to invest in Bitcoin is to buy Bitcoin from a reputable local exchange like Easy Crypto. However, after doing so, Kiwis then need to decide how long to stay invested.

Typically, long-term investing yields the best returns for investors. Long-term Bitcoin gains have historically outweighed short term losses. It is also the case that those who accrue losses after investing in Bitcoin, often do so by panic selling coins during market downturns.

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Bitcoin Mining

When the Bitcoin price surpassed $1,000 in 2016, new to market investors became warier of buying coins directly. Several Bitcoin mining farms, therefore, began selling Bitcoin mining contracts. Sadly, the majority of websites offering Bitcoin mining contracts are scams.

Small amounts of Bitcoin are sometimes returned to those who purchase mining contracts. However, amounts are always considerably less than the amount of Bitcoin people could have bought at an exchange directly.

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Bitcoin Trading

Since 2009, it has become easy for anyone to create cryptocurrency trading accounts on platforms like Binance. It is also possible for experienced traders to make considerable profits by trading. However, over 90% of people with no former trading experience make heavy losses. For this reason, trading is not for the inexperienced.

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Bitcoin Investing Via High Yield Investment Programs

During upswings in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin-based high yield investment programs appear online. Each promise investors returns of 100% or more over a relatively short period. In every case, though, such schemes are scams.

The most famous HYIP scam to affect New Zealand Bitcoin investors was that of Bitconnect. Moreover, like with Bitconnect, several HYIP scams can look genuine. All that investors need to remember to stay safe, is that if a program sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Where to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand 100% Safely

Investing in Bitcoin is never without risk. In 2019, thousands of Kiwis lost everything as a result of New Zealand based exchange Cryptopia being hacked. However, it is still possible for people in New Zealand to buy Bitcoin 100% safely.

Easy Crypto is an independent and fully regulated New Zealand Bitcoin brokerage. We make it easy for Kiwis to buy Bitcoin (and several other digital assets), and we deposit coins directly into user wallets – so users are not at risk if we got hacked.

Because Easy Crypto does not keep coins on our exchange, Bitcoin you buy can’t be hacked. By being based in New Zealand, we are also able to offer the best Bitcoin to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates available from any broker in NZ. We also are the only crypto broker in NZ to offer a 100% funds safety guarantee.

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