What can I buy with Cryptocurrency?

bitcoin accepted here glowing shop front sign

Since the beginning of Bitcoin and her fellow currencies, the world has watched as innovators from all around scheme up new ways to receive this anomalous cybercash as payment for their goods & services- and now we watch as the bigger players begin to follow suit.

According to Coinmap, on November 11th, 2018 there were 13,534 businesses accepting crypto as payment, which is over twice the size of what it was the same time and total market-cap volume just one year ago. Other reports say this figure is in the hundreds of thousands, and will only continue to grow as more adopters enter the market.

ethereum bitcoin and ripple coins next to SD card

Using crypto as a payment method is becoming easier by the day too, with tech firms such as Bitpay working on payment processors that can exchange your crypto straight into local fiat in real-time upon transaction.

Another bigger player now in the race is Visa, with their pre-paid bitcoin card aiming to streamline the digital currency conversion process. These innovations have the ability to pull the volatility problem right out of the transaction equation, but also allow both parties to feel confident that they are sending and receiving the same amount of value.

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So what Can I currently buy with my Cryptos?

Airline tickets, Hotels & Cars can now be easily purchased and rented with organizations such as www.cheapair.com and bitcoin.travel.

Real estate can be purchased with cryptocurrency with bitcoin-realestate.com

Virtual real estate can be purchased through places like decentraland.org

Cars can be purchased through websites like buysellcarwithbitcoin.

Tickets to space are able to be purchased from Virgin Galactic.

Online shopping in all shapes and sizes is now available on sites like Overstock.com and Openbazaar.org.

Sweet tech can be purchased on Microsofts Marketplace, spendabit.co and applewithbtc.com.

Donate to charities and organizations such as Wikileaks, The Water Project and Save the children.

Bet on sporting events with sportsbet.io.

Gift cards can be purchased on eGifter providing indirect access to major players including names like Uber eats and Amazon.

Gold & silver can be purchased through websites like Jmbullion and MyGold.

Pizza can be purchased through Pizzaforcoins.com.

Your university tuition fee can be paid off if you decide to go to this university in Switzerland.

Clothing can be purchased through Bitgear.co.

Cryptocurrency can be exchanged into other cryptos using Changelly.com.

Gelato can be purchased in Sumner, Christchurch, from Charlato, NZ’s first Gelato stand to accept crypto.

Coin map heat map screenshot

The Image you can see above is a screenshot of Coinmap.org, a regularly updated live map of a great chunk of the businesses that are currently accepting crypto. Though not every business that accepts crypto is up on this website yet, the listed venue’s figure is growing faster and faster every day.

Theoretically, anything and everything that can be purchased using fiat currency can be purchased alternatively with crypto, and who knows, soon we may see organisations only accepting crypto.

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