Top free Ripple Wallet Apps for Windows PC, Android, iOS, Mac & Linux in 2020

Top 5 Free Ripple Wallet Apps for PC, iOS & Android

XRP (also sometimes referred to as Ripple Coin and Ripple XRP), is the world’s third most popular cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Those who buy Bitcoin intending to invest in cryptocurrency long-term, therefore, often buy Ripple also. The only question is, what free Ripple wallet apps should investors be using to store coins?

Atomic wallet on mobile and desktop version image

Atomic – The Best Free Ripple Wallet App for XRP Atomic Swaps

Most cryptocurrency investors in 2020, prefer to store coin portfolios on single multi-currency wallet applications. Many of these are very similar. However, Atomic is the world’s first multi-currency wallet app to provide support for in-wallet atomic swaps.

Atomic swaps allow cryptocurrency users to exchange digital assets instantly across different cryptocurrency blockchains. In doing so, cryptocurrency users incur zero fees, and never have to trust third-party exchanges with their private coin keys.

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Ripple Paper Wallet – The Best Free Ripple Wallet for Ease of Use

Most people who are familiar with Bitcoin will know that it is possible to create paper wallets which can be loaded with coins for safekeeping.

Paper wallets can, of course, be lost and easily damaged. However, if stored in a safe physical location, paper wallets can provide comparable security to hardware wallets offered by the likes of Trezor and Nano Ledger.

Thankfully, Ripple paper wallets can be created online in the same way Bitcoin paper wallets can be. All users need to remember is that paper wallets cannot be replaced if they are ever lost or stolen. To create a free Ripple Paper wallet, click here.

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Cryptonator – The Best Free Ripple Wallet for Web Use

Multi-currency Android and iOS app wallets are one of the most popular cryptocurrency storage options in terms of portability. However, Android and iOS devices often only receive between 2 and 5-years of security updates.

Because it can be costly to keep on replacing older model Android and iPhones, some cryptocurrency investors prefer to use web-based apps to store cryptocurrency portfolios.

Widely considered the best web-based wallet app currently on the market, Cryptonator supports XRP, Bitcoin, and 17 other top market cap cryptocurrencies. Cryptonator is also free to use and uses bank-grade security to keep digital assets safe and accessible 24/7.

Guarda ripple xrp crypto wallet screenshot

Guarda – The Best Ripple Wallet for User Privacy

As of 2020, more cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet apps require users to verify their identity than ever previously. To some, this raises serious privacy concerns. However, some wallet apps still exist which do not require users to verify their identity.

Available as a web app and iOS and Android app, Guarda is currently the best free Ripple wallet on the market in terms of user privacy. Unlike other apps, Guarda will never ask users to verify their identity. Nor does Guarda impose limits on incoming or outgoing transaction sizes. Users are also always in full control of private coin keys.

Toast Wallet – The Best Free Ripple Wallet for Open Source Software Advocates

Toast Wallet is a free and completely open source Ripple app wallet available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Launched in 2014 by independent Dunedin based software developers StarStone Limited, Toast Wallet provides users with a safe, secure, and free way to store Ripple Coin. One limitation is that Toast Wallet only offers support for Ripple. As a result, people with diverse cryptocurrency portfolios will need to store other assets separately.

You can see our full review of Toast Wallet here.

Last updated 16th January 2019