Easy Crypto has a tiered verification system. Verification processes ensure we comply with the law, keep our customers safe, and make the world a better place. Read more about the whys here.

To verify your account, follow the link on your Account page.

If you don’t have a New Zealand driver’s licence or passport, please have a look at our alternative verifications.

Our verification tiers, their requirements and limits are as follows:

Verification level and requirements Limits
ID Verified

Follow the steps on the “My Account” page to verify.

You will be asked for:

  • A photo of your ID (NZ Driver’s licence or NZ Passport)
  • Your address details
  • A selfie

Our system will try and verify both your ID and address during this process.

$1000 total across all orders

2 order maximum

Address Verified

When you follow the steps to get your account “ID Verified”, we will attempt to address verify you as part of that process.

If we are unable to confirm the address you have provided, we will contact you to ask for proof of address (e.g. a photo of a bank statement).

$10,000 per day

$20,000 total across all orders

Source of Funds Verified

You must first complete the previous two verifications. Additional information we require for this tier includes:

  • Evidence of your source of funds – see here for some examples of evidence
  • Explanation of the purpose of your transactions (e.g. trading, investing)
  • Expected transaction frequency and values
$10,000 per day