Buy Ripple in New Zealand – Your Free Easy Crypto XRP Guide

Ripple Coin (XRP) is the world’s leading enterprise-ready cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, XRP facilitates instant cross-border payments between mainstream banks and financial institutions. Here in Australasia, the Ripple Foundation has already successfully trialled XRP cross-border payments with major banks like ANZ and Westpac. Find out how to buy Ripple and why you should add Ripple to your portfolio, right here at Easy Crypto.

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Globally, XRP payment systems are already used by banks and financial institutions like American Express and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. Predominantly, this is thanks to the unprecedented speed at which XRP can settle international transactions.

Ripple Coin Technical Specifics

  • XRP transactions settle in under 4-seconds on a blockchain network which Ripple claims is infinitely scalable
  • At present, the Ripple Coin payment network can handle 1,500 transactions per second. (Bitcoin can handle just seven transactions per second)
  • The Ripple Foundation has developed its xRapid payment system in a way which is fully compliant with U.S. and most international financial regulators

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Why do Consumer Cryptocurrency Investors Buy Ripple?  

Several major world banks and financial institutions are already using  XRP and the Ripple XRP xRapid payment network. For this reason, many crypto investors believe that Ripple Coin benefits from a better long-term outlook than coins like Bitcoin, in terms of mainstream adoption.

From an investment perspective, the XRP price also appeals to low market entry point investors. For much of 2018 and 2019, Ripple Coin could be purchased for less than a dollar. However, XRP prices have previously reached as high as $4.

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How to Buy Ripple Coin in New Zealand – Step by Step Guide

XRP is one of the most in-demand digital assets available on Easy Crypto. At Easy Crypto we, therefore, strive to make it as easy as possible to buy Ripple. We verify most new user accounts in under 2-minutes. We also offer the best overall Ripple XRP in New Zealand for anyone looking to buy Ripple or any other top market cap cryptocurrency through a broker.

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How to Buy Ripple Step 1 – Set up a Ripple Wallet

Before investing in any form of cryptocurrency, it is crucial that investors learn how to store coins safely.

As Easy Crypto is not a trading platform, we can not store XRP coins you buy on our servers. Instead, you will need to set up a Ripple wallet which we can deposit your XRP into post-purchase. If you don’t have a Ripple wallet already, we recommend using the Toast or Coinomi app wallet.

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How to Buy Ripple Step 2 – Open an Easy Crypto Account

At Easy Crypto, setting up an account on our exchange is easy. Set up a new account with us in a few seconds by registering via email. Alternatively, register a new account by signing up via Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can click here to easily create an account now.

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How to Buy Ripple Step 3 – Verify Your Identity

After opening accounts on international exchanges like Coinbase, users have to wait between 24-hours and 7-days for accounts to be verified. However, when verifying your identity with a New Zealand driving license at Easy Crypto, we can verify most accounts in under 2-minutes.

You can learn about how to verify with us here.

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How to Buy Ripple Step 4 – Choose Your Ripple Coin Amount

When your Easy Crypto account is fully verified, it is possible to buy Ripple instantly. Simply select the New Zealand dollar amount of XRP you would like to purchase. Once amounts are confirmed, payment can be made via POLi instant pay or by bank transfer.

When paying via POLi instant pay, payments will usually be confirmed in under 2-minutes. Payments via bank transfer can take a little longer. When payments are confirmed, XRP coins are sent directly to user wallets.

Click here to buy Ripple XRP today.

If you want to learn more about XRP, you can see our basics rundown here.