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Top XRP Price Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Is there any XRP price prediction which has ever proved accurate? At present, the simple answer to this question is, no. However, this isn’t stopping several leading cryptocurrency commentators making bold Ripple XRP price predictions for 2020 and beyond.

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Inside Bitcoins Makes Bold XRP Price Prediction for 2020

Is a $25 XRP price possible in 2020? According to cryptocurrency news and analysis platform Inside Bitcoins, the answer is a resounding yes.
By monitoring XRP price performance from 2014 until the present day, Inside Bitcoins have come to the conclusion that XRP will re-test $4 by the end of 2019. After doing so, they say it is likely that the XRP will go on to test new highs of $10, and possibly $25.

Investing Haven Sees XRP at $20 by the End of 2019

When Bitcoin goes bullish, it is common to see cryptocurrency news portals and commentators rush to make new price predictions for top altcoins. However, cryptocurrency price prediction platform Investing Haven is on record as making its XRP prediction well in advance of recent BTC price rises.

In February this year, Investing Haven is on record as stating that a $20 Ripple Coin price by Q4 of 2019 is possible. Investing Haven bases this prediction on the assumption that 2019 will see Ripple start to attract significant institutional investment.

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  • The Ripple payment network is regulator friendly. This makes XRP more attractive to institutional investors than fully decentralized coins like Bitcoin.
  • XRP coins are beginning to be used in real-world payment remittances. (Previously, lack of a true XRP coin use case was a major criticism of XRP).
  • It is not possible to manipulate XRP prices by buying and selling XRP futures contracts.

Bitcoin futures were successful in launching in 2017. However, futures contracts make cryptocurrency prices more volatile. This is because futures contracts allow people to bet for or against future coin price rises. With Ripple, this is not a problem, as no futures contracts are currently associated with XRP.

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A $1 XRP Price Prediction Might be More Likely

The idea of XRP coin prices reaching as high as $10 or $20 is exciting. However, it is important not to let price predictions get in the way of rational investing. Most more sober predictions put XRP coin prices between $0.78 and $1 by the end of 2019.

It is also the case that new cryptocurrency projects like Facebooks Libra might steal XRP’s thunder in 2020. Launching in early 2020, Libra is planning to become the payment coin of choice among retail cryptocurrency users. This is a potential threat to XRP.

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Is XRP a Good Investment in 2019?

As a rule, no Ripple price prediction is ever guaranteed to be accurate. However, Ripple Coin is considered a top coin to add to any diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. To add Ripple to your portfolio, buy or find out more about XRP now by visiting Easy Crypto.

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